Lounge-Cafe PAR is a restaurant project which accumulates with due consideration everything most valuable for a good leisure – a comfort, delicious food, aromatic tea and of course an outstanding service. The menu of a restaurant consists of gourmet specialities of European, Russian and Oriental cuisine. We implement a modern technology “sous vide”. We cook the dishes at a low temperature in a vacuum package in order to preserve all their nutritious elements.

The dessert menu provides a flaxen ice cream with a cornflower honey and a homemade pakhlava.

By composition of a tea menu we have considered the national serving traditions. For example, Russian herbal teas with meadowsweet or a willowherb are served in a samovar with the Gzhel tea – set, whereas the Puers and the Oolongs are presented upon the ceremonial desk Chabani.


For those who enjoy delicious meal and smoky gatherings

We have combined all elements of a high-quality restaurant leisure time.

European, Russian and Oriental cuisine


Stanislav Akhmetshin –Best Chef

Recognized as the Best Chef at an the annual contest “The Best of a Craft 2017”, established by the government of Saint-Petersburg

For close friends

You can enjoy smoky, delicious and interesting time – Karaoke and the table-top games of all kinds are here for you.

Business lunches

On weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00

Business lunches starting from 199 Roubles

at Efimova Street 3 z

at Vosstaniya Street 40

at Yuri Gagarin Avenue 75

We look forward to see you

8 (812) 985-00-74

8 (812) 985-00-73

8 (812) 985-00-03

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