Polkovaya st, 1/25

Par restaurant is a restaurant project where

special attention is paid to all the things that are valued for a good holiday: a cozy atmosphere, delicious food, flavorful tea and quality service.

Our menu is multi-ethnic and consists of dishes of European, Russian and Eastern cuisine. When cooking, we use the su-vide technology-cooking at a low temperature in a vacuum package. Therefore, you can be sure that our dishes are not only delicious, but also healthy.

For those who enjoy delicious meal and smoky gatherings

We have combined all elements of a high-quality restaurant leisure time.

European, Russian and Oriental cuisine



 The silver prize winner of "Chef a la Russe", the most prestigious championship among chef's teams.
Since he was 18, Denis Nazarov has promoted  sensor gastronomy.
He creates gastronomic shows for such brand names as Mercedes and Montale.

Moreover, he sets up a chef table for companies of a LVMH level.